Patrons of the Arts

The Alamo City Classic thanks all of it’s fantastic Patrons of the Arts for being so generous. Through their generous donations we can now offer different Scholarship Prizes, as well as Scholarship opportunities.

Above our some photos of some of our teacher awards, and Scholarships that received contributions from our patrons.  

 Why become a Patron of the Arts?

  • Help us make San Antonio, Texas a better place for Ballroom Dancing. Your patronage will help enrich the experience at our event; and as a result help promote events locally in both San Antonio, or Texas as a whole.
  • Enriching lives through ballroom dancing, showcases, and competitions is a beautiful thing and with your help we can take great opportunity and make it even better.
  • By providing a patronage you’ll have the option of having a short bio about yourself, and/or an advertisement for your business in our program.
  • Not interested in receiving recognition for your patronage? Anonymous donations are accepted.

How much do I need to donate to qualify?

  • Any donation of any size will earn you a place in our program as a Patron of the Arts.

Choose from the following options on what you would like to sponsor.

  • Alamo City Classic (Invest in the performing arts and contribute to the world of Ballroom Dancing)
  • Scholarships (Sponsor the continued education of dancers with Scholarship contributions)
  • Teacher Prizes (Students are always number one- but help show appreciation to the best teachers with Top Teacher prizes and awards.)
  • Student Prizes (Every student is a star, at competition some shine just a little brighter! Enrich their prizes and awards through your donations.)
  • Pro Show (Add an even more impressive experience to the Pro Show. Your Sponsorship may add another amazing couple or performance.)
  • Underprivileged Dancer(s) (Support students who are kids, or even adults who may not have the funds available to compete in ballroom dancing.)