Over $20,000 in prizes coming in 2017!

All of our Scholarships will be Multi-Dance Events and intended for 18 and above.

First Prize: $300
Second Prize: $200
Third Prize: $100

Scholarship Opportunities

The Alamo City Classic has a fewScholarships available for people to apply for. Please see the following instructions to apply:

  • Write us a short explanation (1 page maximum) of why you should be selected to receive a scholarship and why you would like to attend the Alamo City Classic.
  • Email your application to
    Scholarship Application


The Alamo City Classic thanks all of it’s Patrons that make Scholarships possible, enriching the lives of others through Ballroom Dancing is a beautiful thing and we hope that our abilities to offer more people Scholarships grow in time.

If you’re interested in becoming a Patron please see our Patron of the Arts page.